South Levee Improvement Reach 3
- Army Corp of Engineers Project
- Construction staking for flood control levee
- Quantity surveys & volume calculations
- Pre & post construction aerial topographic surveys

Santa Maria 1
Mt. Lowe Rd, Angeles National Forest
- U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Project
- Topographic survey for design purposes
- Pre & post construction topographic survey for volume calculations
- Construction staking for road construction
Ranger Sewer Lift Station Replacement
- City of Huntington Beach Project
- Construction staking for new sewer lift station, shoring, and site utilities
- As-built topographic survey for certification of lift station construction

Puente Hills Intermodal Facility and Supporting Infrastructure
- The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
- Construction staking for waste to rail facility (17.2 acres) including Administrative Office, Maintenance Shop and site features.
- Construction staking for Peck Road Bridge/Overpass, Access Road A Bridge, 60 Freeway underpass and 3.5 miles of railroad track and retaining soldier piles.
- Surface and movement monitoring for Freeway Underpass excavation, utility bores under existing railroad tracks, and soldier pile monitoring for bridge/overpass construction and excavation.

Western Sector Park Developement Improvement Project
- Orange County Great Park Corporation
- Construction staking for mass grading project that included 4 soccer fields, basketball courts, miles of pathways, parking lot expansion, community garden and 4 lakes with water features and fishing pier.
- Construction staking for new restroom facility, Visitor Center, Walkable Timeline path and over 30 acres of site improvements.

Hotel Amarano, Burbank
- Boundary retracement survey
- Construction staking and displacement monitoring of soldier piles and shoring for basement addition
- Construction staking for guest room addition and pool
- Building foundation certification